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Provenance for Sensemaking Workshop at IEEE VIS 2014 (Paris, France)

I am co-chairing a workshop on Provenance and Sensemaking at the IEEE VIS conference week in Paris. The submission deadline has now passed, but you can still join the discussions at the workshop during the conference. Hope to see you there!


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High-Dimensional Visualisation for Big Data (2014-2015, £20k)

A data visualisation project to understand how interactive projection technique can help user improve their understanding of data with very high dimensionality.


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VAST Visual Analytics Challenge 2014 – Honorable Mention

This year, the Visual Analytics challenge organised by the IEEE VAST (Visual Analytics Science & Technology) conference again had a mini-challenge on Twitter data, and it is (near) real-time this time. The task is to monitor the Twitter feed and provide (near) real-time updates on important events that are happening and find information related to a suspected kidnapping.

Our entry won a ‘Honorable Mention for Effective Support for Analytic Sensemaking’, a step away from getting an award. You can see the system working in the demo video below (best in full screen with sound on).


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Book chapter on Multivariate Network Visualisation

T. J. Jankun-Kelly, T. Dwyer, D. Holten, C. Hurter, M. Nöllenburg, C. Weaver, and K. Xu, “Scalability Considerations for Multivariate Graph Visualization,” in Multivariate Network Visualization, A. Kerren, H. C. Purchase, and M. O. Ward, Eds. Springer International Publishing, 2014, pp. 207–235. PDF.
Multivariate network is a quite challenging problem: it involves both the network structure and the attributes of the nodes and edges. Think of a social network: you have people as the nodes and their relationships as edges; there are information about the people (age, gender, profession) and their relationships (friends/colleague, when it started, etc). Considering both will provide  a deeper look into the social network, but makes the visualisation more difficult at the same time. This book chapter mainly surveys human performance related issues to this type of visualisation. This is an example of my previous work on this topic:
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Invited Talk at the Data Visualisation Workshop

The workshop is organised by the Creative Industry Knowledge Transfer Network and was held at the Nesta in London. The workshop had some excellent speakers and I am quite honoured to be invited. Below are the presentation slides.

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Funding: Multiple Source Information Assimilation to Support Decision-Making (2013-2015, £200k)

A £200k two-year project funded by the Defence Human Capability Science & Technology Centre. The project applies Visual Analytics technique to support sense making in intelligence analysis and I will be working with collaborators from BAE systems, MASS, and Cranfield university.

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TVCG/VAST 2013: An Extensible Framework for Provenance in Human Terrain Visual Analytics


The paper is accepted by the VAST 2013 conference and will appear in the IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics. It provides visualisation for different uncertainties in Human Terrain Analyisis and a way to construct narratives of the visual exploration discoveries. PDF

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Concern Level Assessment: Building Domain Knowledge into a Visual System to Support Network Security Situation Awareness

This is the journal paper about the VAST Challenge 2012 award. It is accepted by the Information Visualisation journal and will appear shortly. PDF


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VAST Challenge 2012 – Subject Matter Expert’s Award

This is an entry to the Mini Challenge 1 of the VAST Challenge 2012. The details are here. Below is a video describing the solution.

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InfoVis 2012 paper! A User Study on Curved Edges in Graph Visualisation

This is an extended version of the work presented as a poster at Diagrams 2012 with new user study and analysis. Kai Xu, Chris Rooney, Peter Passmore, and Dong-Han Ham, “A User Study on Curved Edges in Graph Visualisation”, IEEE Information Visualization Conference, 14-29 October 2012, Seattle, US. PDF