• Fully funded PhD scholarship (deadline: 31 March 2023, UK students only): Guided Image Generation for Artists (GIGA) – Making Deep Learning-Based Image Generators Accessible to Artists (University page, FindAPhD)
  • Fully funded PhD scholarship (deadline: 12 Feb 2023, UK and international students): 10 in total, no specific topic (University page)
  • Fully funded PhD scholarship (deadline: 6 Feb 2023, UK students only): Understanding and responding to youth violence – blending data science with lived experience (University page)
  • Visualising the Sensemaking Space
    Background This project closely relates to the Visual Analytics for Sensemaking project. Please check that project webpage for the introduction on sensemaking. A published paper describing the idea and a […]
  • Human-AI Teaming
    Background Extracting required information from documents is a common task in may research areas such as Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Psychology, Sociology, Law, and Business. For example, in a study to […]
  • Visual Analytic for Sensemaking
    Background The goal of this project is to understand how users (general public or domain experts) make sense of data using data visualisation and/or machine learning, and build tools to […]
  • Human-Centred Data Science
    Background While there are some efforts to automate the process of build machine learning model (commonly known as ‘AutoML’), there are many tasks in the different stages of a data […]