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God, the Oracle, and the Nightclub Bouncer: Can human dignity be modelled in an AI-based decision support system for post-Covid health certification (2020-2021, £50,000)

Funder: ESPRC Network Plus SPRITE+ Date: 2020 – 2021 Funding: £50,000 Partner: Birmingham City University, King’s College London, Cardiff University, University of Exeter,  Trilateral Research Ltd. In this project we investigate the possibility of modelling the impact of AI or Machine Learning system on human dignity. This is within the research field of human-centred machine […]

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Co-chair for Machine Learning from User Interactions for Visualization and Analytics (MLUI 2020)

I am co-chairing the Machine Learning from User Interactions for Visualization and Analytics (MLUI) workshop this year. It is part of VisWeek 2020, which is the leading international conference on Visualisation (computer graphics, data visualisation, and visual analytics). The workshop is completely online this year, and you can find all the information on its website.

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An Approach to Human-Machine Teaming in Legal Investigations Using Anchored Narrative Visualisation and Machine Learning (International Workshop on AI and Intelligent Assistance for Legal Professionals in the Digital Workplace)

The First International Workshop on AI and Intelligent Assistance for Legal Professionals in the Digital Workplace (LegalAIIA 2019) During legal investigations, analysts typically create external representations of an investigated domain as resource for cognitive offloading, reflection and collaboration. For investigations involving very large numbers of documents as evidence, creating such representations can be slow and […]

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Combining Data Visualization with Machine Learning to Make Sense of Large Social Media Data (2018-2019, US$20,000)

Funder: Microsoft Azure Research Award Date: 2018-2019 Funding: US$20,000 In this project we utilise the Microsoft Azure to analyse over 1.5 billion tweets using an updated SAVI (Social Analytics VIsualisation) system.

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Evaluating interactive visualization of multidimensional data projection with feature transformation (Multimodal Technologies and Interaction)

Multimodal Technologies and Interaction 2017 There has been extensive research on dimensionality reduction techniques. While these make it possible to present visually the high-dimensional data in 2D or 3D, it remains a challenge for users to make sense of such projected data. Recently, interactive techniques, such as Feature Transformation, have been introduced to address this. […]