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VAST Visual Analytics Challenge 2014 – Honorable Mention

This year, the Visual Analytics challenge organised by the IEEE VAST (Visual Analytics Science & Technology) conference again had a mini-challenge on Twitter data, and it is (near) real-time this time. The task is to monitor the Twitter feed and provide (near) real-time updates on important events that are happening and find information related to a suspected kidnapping.

Our entry won a ‘Honorable Mention for Effective Support for Analytic Sensemaking’, a step away from getting an award. You can see the system working in the demo video below (best in full screen with sound on).


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VAST Challenge 2012 – Subject Matter Expert’s Award

This is an entry to the Mini Challenge 1 of the VAST Challenge 2012. The details are here. Below is a video describing the solution.


Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety Awards

2008 – Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety Awards, CSIRO, Australia.

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Graph Drawing Contest – History of the World Cup Competition

2006 – Winner of Graph Drawing Contest – History of the World Cup Competition, Karlsruhe, Germany.

This is a visualization of the final stage of the FIFA World Cup since it inception in 1930. All the countries that ever entered World Cup final stage are included and grouped according to continent. The nodes appearing shows the countries entered that specific world cup and its size reflects its perform.

This is a visualization of all the games played at the final stage of the FIFA world cup since its begining at 1930 till 206. Each World Cup is shown in a plane. Each country is a node and there is an edge pointing from team A to team B is A beats B in a game. The node size indicates the country performance that year. The countries are arranged into concentric circles according to their overall performance in the entire world cup history: the centre has the highest centrality (i.e., best performance) and the out most circle has the countries with the worst performance. Countries are also grouped into continents (UEFA, CONCACAF, etc), which is indicated by the colour.

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2005, “PathBank” (a student project I co-supervisedd), Siemens Prize for Commercialisation Potential, University of Sydney Research Conversazione, Australia.