A.Ian Kruger, Master by Research in Visual Analytics, Middlesex University, UK

Started: June 2012
Project : Making Sense of Big Data
Ian ran his own boutique research company that covered a wide range of topic from website quality analytics to industry research.

Phong Nguyen, PhD, Middlesex University, UK

2011-, adviser, “Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Online Social Information and its Provenance using Visual Analytics”, School of Engineering and Information Sciences, Middlesex University, UK.

Leon Beckett, Honours, Middlesex University, UK

2010-2011, Honours (1st class), “Visual Analysis for Understanding Large File Collections”, School of Engineering and Information Sciences, Middlesex University, UK

Harry Rolf, PhD, University of Tasmania, Australia

2009-2011, co-adviser, PhD, “Visual Analysis of Online Community Evolution”, School of Computing and Information Systems, University of Tasmania, Australia. (Main supervisor: Prof. Christopher Leug)

Simone Li, Honours, University of New South Wales, Australia

2007, co-adviser, honours (1st class), “3D Visualisation of Protein Interaction Networks”, School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, University of New South Wales, Australia. (Main supervisor: Prof. Marc Wilkins)

Sebastian Schwanke, Master, University of Rostock, Germany

2007, visiting master student, “Mixed Reality Environment for Remote Collaboration”, University of Rostock, Germany.

Andrew Cunningham, PhD, University of South Australia, Australia

2006-2010, co-adviser, PhD, “multivarite graph visualization”, School of Computer and Information Science, University of South Australia, Australia. (Main supervisor: Prof. Bruce Thomans)